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"Mine" -- Karlijah - Welcome to the Burniverse [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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"Mine" -- Karlijah [Aug. 19th, 2003|11:40 am]


[mood |..porny..]
[music |"Down Now" -- French Kicks]

Beautiful! This is just what we need a community through which to spread our perversity, oh yesh oh yesssh... Loved the last two, oulangi, and here is my rijks, playing off of your previous. So very out of continuity but then again isn't everything I write? Thank you very much. More to come when I return tonight.


Elijah whispered the simple word, leaning forward to kiss away the tears scalding silvered trails down Karl's cheeks. Widened eyes stared at him in green-gold disbelief. Muscles strained against bonds perfected; leather straps not giving way to the tormented man's struggles.

So beautiful, so perfectly fucking beautiful.

Lij understood now what it was to say that word, to hold someone so totally in his power that there was no other word of explanation. Karl had said it to him so many times before when their positions were reversed, perhaps the blue-eyed boy had never understood.

Oh, but now he did. And Karl's body was a testament to that fact. Sweat-sheened; a shimmering, breathing canvas to Lij's ownership. Delicate fingers flickered over the stark herring-boned pattern of cane marks over a tanned back. Sable locks were twined through fingers, pushed back to show fine teeth prints, perfect red records left against sleek skin.

Those fingers fluttered against tumescent flesh trapped inside cruel rings of steel and leather. Quick, slick strokes over already aching cock torturously unable to find release. Karl’s head fell forward, a low ragged groan spilling from behind kiss and cock swollen lips. Eyes rolling back at a particular flick of Elijah’s thumbnail against his purple head.

“Mine.” The little minx whispered again before stretching and bequeathing a bemused grin to the panting man at his feet. Lifting a thong of cruelly slender suede cords, Karl was prepared to begin begging before the first stroke could even fall.

[User Picture]From: oulangi
2003-08-19 04:19 pm (UTC)
Yes I'm on - I'd be on AIM if I knew what that was *g*

Can't wait! - I think Serena is sadly overlooked.
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