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Welcome to the Burniverse

Remember, every time you masterbate, God kills a kitten

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This is a NC17 journal, created to house Burniverse, an AU of the LotR film set created by cruel_illusion and oulangi. The Burniverse is a dark place. It is not safe, sane, consentual or real. It is RPS = REAL PERSON SLASH, so that means we use the actual actors real names. That does not, I repeat NOT make this any more real.

Nothing written here ever happened. No malice or harm is intended to the public figures depicted here.

No flaming - If this isn't your cuppa then drive thru - no one is asking you to read

No harassing members on thier private LJs


At the moment this is just cruel_illusion and oulangi's playground. Want to play? Drop us a line! Here are some groundrules:

1. A Burn is a short fic, based on imagery of a previous fic.

2. Each contribution should total 250 words - a rijks - This rule is not hard and fast, if you want to a few drabbles for a total of 300 words, be our guest. However try to make the burns nice round numbers. The dicipline is part of the challenge

3. Each piece should stand on it's own

4. Each piece should fit into the pre existing Burniverse. Once written, your bit becomes part of the canon, so..

5. No extreme break in continuity. You want to go someplace extreme, fine, cool! Just make sure you don't contradict existing storylines.

6. No character death. It's less fun for the rest of us to play with corpses

and finally...
You don't have to write pieces in any type of order. You'll notice there are quite a few continuity gaps in Burniverse. Want to fill them? Go right ahead.